An Interview with Greg Linn of Greg Linn Imports: “Closing the Gap” and the Importance of Sommeliers

Conversation with Greg Linn of Greg Linn Imports on Closing the Gap between Trade and the Importance of Sommeliers

Greg Linn boasts decades of wine industry experience. He is the principal of a small import company that focuses on both quality and on-premise clients. The Barolo Perno 2021 of La Sacrestia Winery, imported by Linn, won Gold and Italian Wine of the Year at the 2024 Sommeliers Choice Awards. Gregg took the time to give detailed answers to questions for our editor, Charlie Leary.

You appear to have a long personal history in the wine industry. Please give us a summary of your experience and how you came to form Greg Linn Imports.


Yes, I have a long personal history of collecting wine as far back as 40 years. I traveled the wine world, and I don’t think there is any port of call I have not been to that is a wine region. Of course, I met some of the greatest wine producers in the world, and some I call personal friends. I was instrumental in putting on some of the greatest tastings in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area. Most but not all were with my first love, that being Burgundy. A few examples include a 1978 retrospective of Burgundy from the greatest Domaine’s; a Henri Jayer tasting out of Magnums; a Leroy vs DRC Tasting; and a vertical of La Tache back to 1929, just to mention a few.