Cork Distributors came to an agreement to acquire Encore Beverage.  Pending a series of closing conditions and regulatory approvals, we anticipate that the closing date will be June 1, 2023 or when reasonably possible.

Post closing, Encore Beverage will continue to operate as Encore Beverage and Mark Baldwin will continue on as a partner in Cork Distributors Holdings and President of Northern Nevada Operations.

Richard Cox, CEO of Cork Distributors, said, “this acquisition will allow for Cork Distributors to have a solid distribution platform in Northern Nevada. I am also excited that the combined wine and spirits portfolio’s will be unrivaled in the state of Nevada. Not only will this be an ex citing time for the Company as we watch the transformation and see the results, but also our cus tomers will benefit through additional product offerings that the combination of these two com panies have to offer.”

Mark Baldwin, CEO of Encore Beverage, said, “I couldn’t be more pleased about the transac tion! This combination will have a meaningful impact on Northern Nevada and I am excited to be a partner in Cork Distributors and look forward to working with the team as President of Northern Nevada Operations.

Cork Distributors delivers exceptional service and expertise in the wine and spirits industry through continuous innovation, price value offerings, personalized consumer-driven solutions, while fostering enduring community relationships.

At Cork we strive to inspire a renaissance of collaborative partnerships, capturing strategy be tween tailored solutions and exceptional service in the world of wine, beer and liquor distribution.

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